Usually when I travel to another town, city, state or country, I try to hit up as many thrift/bargin stores as possible. This past weekend, I was in Vegas for my cousin's birthday (pictures coming soon!). Even though I didn't get the chance to visit any thrift stores (bummer) I did manage to find a Buffalo Exchange store. Gosh, I can not wait for a BE store to open up in DC. Apparently, it's happening this year. *fingers crossed*

Below are the items that I copped:

Fun fact: I have a pretty large round face. Duh, right? Of course.
Anywho, I always glance over the round shaped glasses because I just figured it wouldn't frame my face properly.
I tried on this (larger) pair, and it fit like a t.
Only $8.50.

Same with the cat eye shaped glasses. Just thought it wouldn't fit my face.
Tried on this pair, and it did.
Key phrase: 'tried on'
I guess I need to try things on before assuming it wouldn't look right.
Anywho, $8.50.

This Lane Bryant item was in the 'Tops' section.
Which is weird because when I tried it on, it came off as a dress.
So, maybe it's a tunic?
Who knows, who cares! It's sheer. It's print. And it was $11.50.

My very first hi-low skirt.
Why do I have this feeling that I bought this item at the tail end of the trend? lolol.
Shoo, once the trend fades into the sunset, I'll just cut the bad boy into a skirt. Win-win.
Also a win-win? The price was originally $7.50 AND it was 50% off.
$3.75. Score.
Until next time...