Joshua. Ledet.

This season of American Idol is turning out to be one of their best in this whole series. I mean, nothing can top Season 5. But for me, to you, Season 11 is right up there.

My favorite contestants are Skylar Laine and Joshua Ledet. But since Skylar got voted off last week (America, that wasn't right.), I'm solely here for Mr. Joshua Ledet.

His performance of "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" was...just...outta this world. Quite honestly, it's taking all the strength in me to not continue typing like this jakdf;dlgsklmadfghfknhak'kgnk,mjuutmjjlk. But I gotta chill. Can't scare the people away. Just know that his performance put me over the edge last night. I was speechless. I'm still speechless. It was orgasmic. Now some folks think that Joshua screams a lot. He doesn't enunciate enough. Well, screw you. Nah, just playing. But not really.