Celebrate, Good Times. C'mon!

My sister's, Zi, birthday was this past Monday, on the 11th. So she decided to celebrate the weekend before it. First off, was her dinner at Sei  with her closest girlfriends. After eating, the after party was at Sax. More people were invited to dance the night away with the celebrant. I was kinda sad to find out that Sax will no longer be a restaurant but has now transformed into a lounge that serves small plates and bottle service. At first, I didn't get it. But then while at the venue enjoying the atmosphere, decor, the old school music and the drinks, it all made sense. OMW (Oh My Word), if the live entertainment was going on at the same time, it would've been perfect. But considering that Saturday was their first night as a lounge, I guess they withheld from doing so. Bummer. Anywho, I was very much impressed. With the right promotion and, of course, the right crowd, Sax as a lounge can really be something here in DC.

I finally got to put on this Simply Be tunic dress that I got a couple months ago. I've been waiting for the right time to wear it. Went with a pair of long, white and gold earrings that I can't remember where I got it from but when Cee saw it, she immediately said Forever 21. So, I'm just gonna say Forever 21, too. My other jewelry for the night was my gold bauble statement ring from Lane Bryant. Rocking the Royal Chess clutch from Zya Felix. Finally, shoes from Simply Be.

Dress: Simply Be, Clutch: Zya Felix

Oh and before I hit you guys with pictures I must say something: I forgot my camera. ME! A WHOLE VIVI! FORGOT HER CAMERA! Yikes. These photos are from a combination of friends and my wonky camera phone. We didn't take enough pictures from our time at Sax. But then again, even if I was with my camera I don't think a lot of photos would've be taken. We were all having so much fun (and on the tipsy side) that pictures were the furthest thing from anybody's mind. But please, still enjoy.

Seriously, how were we functioning before technology took over?

Twas a fun, fun night. My sis gettin' grown! Which also means, I am getting old.

Oh boy.