Zya Felix

I'm all for supporting my friends who tap into their business side of life. It shows that there is more to them: drive, passion, determination, talent. Such is the case with Zya Felix.

Zya first introduced me to her debut collection, Zya Felix, back in 2009. I was one of the first to purchase her bag. As anyone who reads this blog would know, I'm a lover of bags. Anytime I carried it, I came away with so many compliments. I was eagerly waiting for her next collection but she had a few things to wrap up, like, say, her JD and MBA. Now with those notches under her belt, she is back in 2012! Zya Felix is ready to make its entrance with a variety of clutch bags and, this time around, jewelry!

As a 'thank you' for buying one of her debut clutch bags way back when in '09, Zya gave me the opportunity to select a clutch bag from her new collection. I picked out the Royal Chess from The Purist. I gravitated towards this particular bag because of the fabric, the colors (which will complement any type of look) and the nice detailing of the silver embellished jewels across the top of the bag. A nice plus is that the bag comes with two detachable chains, 16in to carry around the wrist and 40in to carry on your shoulders. Talk about convenience! Finally, I needed me an evening bag so badly. This came at the right time. I wore it this past weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday. (Pictures coming soon!)

Check out some more photos of her clutch bags and jewelry -

Flower Power Collection: Peacock

Signature - Flower Power Collection: Glamour Mint

The Introduction Collection: Moon Pie (Genuine Leather Clutch)

The Butterfly Effect Collection: Royal Pride

Right now, Zya Felix is having a excellent summer sale! Do not miss out.

Zya Felix is also hosting a launch/private sale event. It's this coming Saturday, June 16th. It will be held at Ghana Cafe and it's from 1pm-4pm. So, if you live in the DC area or just so happen to be in town that Saturday, come on through. Can't wait to see you guys.