Step Your Summer Game Up!

What good is this blog if I didn't share great stuff I see from time to time? That would make this blog a selfish blog and my blog ain't selfish!

Peeped this list from The Seventh District and I immediately *right click and save* that bad boy. Scanning through it, I've done about 5 already. I got a loooong way to go. But that's cool. I'm up for a challenge. A lot of these look doable. A few got me stumped, though. Like, "Play Post Office". The hell? Do I head to a post office and start playing in there? Do I pretend I'm a post office worker? What kinda game... But no, it's nothing like that. I Googled it. (Google is my friend. It should be everybody's friend.). Here's the legit way to play here.

Alrighty. Take a good look at the list and let's get crack-a-lackin'!