Landry Imagery Event

I attended two events yesterday. First up, Landry Imagery Event. Landry Imagery is an innovative apparel consulting and photography firm based in Washington, DC. I heard about the company from Ashley at the Violet Boutique Summer Lookbook Event. She told me that Landry was hosting an event to celebrate the release of The Seasonal Seven Lookbook which he created for both men and women. I liked his well thought-out Lookbook and I'm all for checking out different places in DC. So, away I went! I met up with Brea and Oby. It took place at Ping Pong in Dupont Circle. First time at the restaurant and I gotta say, it's pretty effin' awesome. The food is delicious, the drinks are superb and the prices are out of this world affordable. iApprove.

Meet Cory Landry. The man behind Landry Imagery.
He was a great host. He made it a point to greet each and every one of his guests. Had small conversations and took their business cards.
I wish him the best!

Vietnamese rice paper shrimp roll (l) and Spinach and mushroom dumpling (r)
Delicious. Duh.