Next Stop...Frank Ocean

dc plus size style

Thank sweet baby Jesus that Cee and I bought our Frank Ocean tickets almost two months ago. And immediately after we bought it, it was sold out. And now he is more popular than ever these past few weeks. 

The Brixton
Mr. Ocean performed at the 9:30 to promote his new album, channel ORANGE. I called up the club earlier that day to ask some general questions and was informed that a line was already forming outside. I looked down at my watch, it was 1:05pm. Doors open at 7pm. I asked her to repeat herself. She did. It was the same information. I was speechless. Talk about some dedicated fans! 9:30 is a standing room only club (with a couple of bar stools up on the balcony). So the folks who stood in line that early was determined to get a spot near the stage. I hope they did cause that would suck if all of that was done for nothing. Anywho, close to 7pm, Cee and I got to the venue to see a line wrapped around the whole block. We both looked at each other and decided this would be the perfect time to go get something to eat and drink. No point standing in the line, under the sweltering heat with our stomachs growling. Settled upon this new place called The Brixton. It's like an English-style pub. Very nice atmosphere and the food was good, too. 

Once done, we walked back to 9:30, entered, waited for about an hour and finally the show started.

Christopher Breaux aka Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean was amazing! He played songs from his mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra, and a lot of his new songs including my favorite song from the new album, Super Rich Kids (knowing me, that may change). Dude has a great voice and what I loved the most was how passionate he was with his music. That energy really filled up the whole room. A very diverse (age and race) crowd. Such a great sight to see.

Ran into Adaku.
Love her jumpsuit and necklace!
Fun fact: She is a fantastic musician. Check out her page here.
Lace Open Jacket/Bag: Forever 21
Top/Pants/Bracelets: Avenue
Shoes: via Clothing Swap
I gotta say, Avenue is stepping their game up majorly. There was a period when I refused to shop there. But then I started off with the shoes...then jewelry...then, finally, clothes. Anywho, Cee saw a lady wearing the same printed pants at the concert. That has never happened to me before; someone showing up wearing the same thing as myself. I didn't know what to do. But it was cool. She wore hers as cropped pants with sky-high heels. I chose to wear it more casual with a looser fit (went up a size to achieve the fit) and perforated flats with a slight wedge heel.