Hal Rubenstein's Book Signing at Alton Lane

Last Thursday after work, I went to the book signing event for Fashion Director of InStyle (which is pretty much my favorite fashion magazine), Hal Rubenstein. He was there to sign his two published books: The Gentry Man: A Guide for the Civilized Male and 100 Unforgettable Dresses. Hal is not only a good-looking guy but very nice and personable, too. Also, he was dressed impeccably well. Alton Lane was the perfect setting for this event. The luxurious apparel store for men sells suits, blazers, shirts and tuxedos and also allows its' customers to design their very own custom-made clothing with the help of Alton Lane's groundbreaking technology.

I had a wonderful time.

Favorite drink at the event? Iced Tea Vodka.

Pink Coalition
Noticed they were all wearing some shade of pink and forced asked them to take a picture together.

After the event, Elle, Oby, Brea and I walked around the block to grab something to eat. Along the way we came upon a street performer. Dancing ensued.

Walked a bit more and made our stop at Gazuza Lounge...

...for some sushi and hookah.

Top: Walmart, Skirt/Earrings: thrifted, Shoes: Payless
I got this top last year and this was my first time wearing it. Why? I don't know.
Minus the watch and the bracelets (not seen), this outfit is less than $35.