Be Loud Be You One Year Event

My cousin is town from *Beyonce voice from "Run The World (Girls)"* Houston, Texas, baby and I wanted to show her my lil' world of DC fashion and blogging events.

Thank goodness Krystin's event came right on time. She was celebrating her blog's 1yr anniversary. It took place at Current Boutique located on 14th Street. For some odd reason, all this time I thought I've been to Current but nope. That Thursday night was my first time there. It's a really nice consignment shop filled with stylish treasures. Anywho, I had a good time. Bummer that I missed the styling challenge. I will say that champagne I gulped sipped took me out the game a bit early. What in the world was in that champagne, though?!! lolol. So serious. And I am no lightweight, either. Clearly.

We were treated to live entertainment.
Rockin' classic R&B tunes like "Doo Wop (That Thing)", "Say My Name", "Are You That Somebody", etc.

Raising our glasses to the lady of the hour.
Congratulations, Krystin! Not only does she run her Be Loud Be You blog but she is also co-founder of  8 Vintage, a reconstruct vintage and fine vintage apparel boutique. Check it out!

Seeing everybody celebrating or shouting out their blog anniversary makes me want to do a lil' sumthin sumthin for Heart, Print and Style 2nd birthday which is coming soon in Oct. Since I didn't do shit last year, I gotta make up for it this year, no? I'm seeing a big giveaway in the future.