Skirt Suit

A little thrifting tip my sister gave me eons ago was to always check out the skirt suit or pant suit section. Why? Because chances are you will find a great suit in a great print that can be worn in different ways: 1) Together 2) Pant or skirt alone or 3) Jacket or blazer alone. Also, depending on the store, the suits can be quite affordable. I'm talking about $5.99, $6.99, $7.99 affordable. Literally, two items for the price of one. That is definitely a win-win situation.

Such was the case on this vintage skirt suit I got a couple weeks back. The print is amazing! I was blown away. And how much did you get it for, Vivi, you ask. Wellst, it was only $5.99. woop, woop. I don't know if I'm bold enough to wear such a loud suit together just yet. We shall see. But separately? I was all for it.

Jacket -
Necklace: Avenue, Skirt: ASOS, Lace 'Tank Top: Lane Bryant
The lace tank was originally a long sleeve bodysuit.
I've had it for a while but decided not too long ago to cut the sleeves and make it a sleeveless bodysuit.
Do you peep the sliver of skin? okay, okay. lolol.

Skirt -
Blouse: H&M, Purse: Buffalo Exchange, Shoes: Evans
Have you bought any skirt suit or pant suit from the thrift/vintage store? If so, how did you style it?