Crazy Hope

You know how you stumble upon that perfect dress online and you're eager for it to come home and you have SO many ways of styling it and you think you're going to look AWESOME in this dress and it's going to blow everyone's MIND away?

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ASOS Curve Dress in Rocco Print 

The dress arrives and you're ecstatic and than you try on the dress and all your hopes and dreams of styling this dress in SO many ways and knowing you were going to look AWESOME in this dress and it was going to blow everyone's MIND away evaporates into thin air.

Just like that. Gone.

Yeah. So that's what happened to me with this dress.

It was a birthday gift. I was truly happy that I didn't even have to tell my friend what I wanted; she already knew (*sings* That's what friends are foooorrrrr.) I had so many plans with this dress. Even though I'm a 18/20 with ASOS, I went up a size for this dress. I wanted it to have a slightly oversized feel.


It was loose on the top and bottom but tight around the stomach area. And I'm using the word tight very loosely here. It actually fitted well around that area...too well. So, this dress is really for someone with a hour glass or pear-shaped figure. Not for apple-shaped ladies of this world. *le sigh* But shooo, I still love the print and the colors. It's a keeper. I'll make it work.

Dress/Bodysuit/Belt: ASOS, Bag: Mulberry for Target, Watch: Michael Kors, Shoes/Tights/Jewlery: Avenue, Earrings: Thrift
I'm also in the hunt for a new camera. It's time. I'm looking for a camera that will have most (if not all) of the DSLR capabilities but in compact form. Like, I want a camera I can throw into my bag and not fear that the straps would break. I went to my stylish camera guru friend, Uche, for help on what to purchase. But if any of my readers can offer any suggestions, too, that'll be awesome.

Have a great week.