What Up, Owl?

I had a pretty long Thanksgiving break. And I truly enjoyed every second, minute, hour, day of the holiday weekend. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend, too!

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Thanksgiving Day was spent with my fam. All 5 of us. Dad, Mom, me, Bro and Sis. We ate, we drank, we watched TV (NFL and Bad 25 special). Truly an intimate and wonderful day. The remaining days was just me chillin' like villain...with a house party squeezed in. That was so much fun. I love house parties. I have never been a club person. I remember back in the day when my sister and friends used to practically plead with me and drag me to clubs. These days, the only time I hit up a club is if a friend decides to have a party there. Lounges are pretty cool. But there's a part of me that is tired of that scene, too. Now, house parties? I'll be there that. All day, everyday. Anywho, I played Jenga for the first time. Trust and believe the next time I hit up a Target, I'm buying a Jenga set. It's real.

Vest/Skirt: thrifted, Sweater: Old Navy, Purse: Buffalo Exchange, Watch: Michael Kors, Boots: Avenue, Earrings: vintage
I was too lazy to take my OOTD during the daytime. I just decided to take it before heading out for the night. I know daytime photos are the best, especially dealing with a fashion/lifestyle blog. But, man oh man, laziness is real. Also, it's kinda freaky how the owl just stares. Honestly, I keep staring back at it. Like, "whatcha looking at?"

Owl is just staring away not even considering his brother on my finger.

Have a great week! And thanks for stopping by.