Holiday Tidbits

The holiday season is here! Well, it's been here but's here!

Fun Fact: I am yet to attend a true holiday party. Which is crazy considering last year I was attending a holiday party like every couple days or something. Weird.  I need to spruce up and look uber fancy, dammit! Soon. Have you attended any holiday parties yet?

A new year is approaching. Heart, Print & Style recently hit its 2 year mark and I am extremely grateful. Grateful that I have an audience and this audience actually takes time out of their day to come to my site and enjoy its content. This really warms me heart. (^_^) I do realize that even though I am satisfied with the audience I have now, it wouldn't hurt to expand it a bit, no? So, starting Jan. 1st, I will launch my Heart, Print & Style Facebook Page. FB ain't really my thing anymore (Twitter gal, o'er here! Which is funny cause I used to be SO against Twitter. Then I saw the light.) but I do realize that Facebook is still the #1 social media network in all of the land. There is a different kind of audience on Facebook. Different than Twitter. Different than Blogger. Different than e-mail subscriptions. You get my point. Nothing wrong with tapping into that network. The same for Instagram. I actually have an Instagram account - @ViviHPS - but I don't use it. I follow people and, bless their hearts, folks follow me back. But I will be more active next year. For sure. Also, pretty soon I'll be changing my current Twitter name - @Lavender_Chic - to @Vivi_HPS. And, of course, I'll have a separate personal Twitter account for myself and my crazy ways. Sometimes, separation is good.

Since I'm in a holiday spirit kinda mood, I've decided to do one more giveaway to wrap up '12. Think of it as a Christmas-slash-New Year's Day present. It will involve a snazzy bag filled with some of my favorite items from stores I adore. The giveaway will start on Christmas Eve and end on New Year's Day. Be on the look out!

Speaking of holiday and giveaway, check out this holiday giveaway that is going on right now at Afrizion. Afrizion is a site that showcases up and coming talented fashion designers and brands. Also, you can find interests that the creative mind behind Afrizion loves like fashion and photography. Who is the creative mind? Her name is Ada Emihe, my friend and a phenomenal fashion photographer. Click here to see her fashion photography site, Avaloni Studios. This giveaway involves bags...bags...and more bags. Who doesn't love a new bag in their closet? See below for details -

Afrizion Facebook Page here
Afrizion Twitter here
More info about the holiday giveaway here

Let me leave you with some lovely voices coming together to create a truly beautiful and harmonious sound to get you into a blissful holiday spirit.

If you enjoyed those songs, buy their Christmas album here.
Also, they have an EP, too. Buy it here.