Holiday Tidbits

The holiday season is here! Well, it's been here but's here!

Fun Fact: I am yet to attend a true holiday party. Which is crazy considering last year I was attending a holiday party like every couple days or something. Weird.  I need to spruce up and look uber fancy, dammit! Soon. Have you attended any holiday parties yet?

A new year is approaching. Heart, Print & Style recently hit its 2 year mark and I am extremely grateful. Grateful that I have an audience and this audience actually takes time out of their day to come to my site and enjoy its content. This really warms me heart. (^_^) I do realize that even though I am satisfied with the audience I have now, it wouldn't hurt to expand it a bit, no? So, starting Jan. 1st, I will launch my Heart, Print & Style Facebook Page. FB ain't really my thing anymore (Twitter gal, o'er here! Which is funny cause I used to be SO against Twitter. Then I saw the light.) but I do realize that Facebook is still the #1 social media network in all of the land. There is a different kind of audience on Facebook. Different than Twitter. Different than Blogger. Different than e-mail subscriptions. You get my point. Nothing wrong with tapping into that network. The same for Instagram. I actually have an Instagram account - @ViviHPS - but I don't use it. I follow people and, bless their hearts, folks follow me back. But I will be more active next year. For sure. Also, pretty soon I'll be changing my current Twitter name to @heartprintstyle. And, of course, I'll have a separate personal Twitter account for myself and my crazy ways. Sometimes, separation is good.

Since I'm in a holiday spirit kinda mood, I've decided to do one more giveaway to wrap up '12. Think of it as a Christmas-slash-New Year's Day present. It will involve a snazzy bag filled with some of my favorite items from stores I adore. The giveaway will start on Christmas Eve and end on New Year's Day. Be on the lookout!

Let me leave you with some lovely voices coming together to create a truly beautiful and harmonious sound to get you into a blissful holiday spirit.

If you enjoyed those songs, buy their Christmas album here.
Also, they have an EP, too. Buy it here.