It's Reminisce Time!

Hello, blogsville world! Just two more days until 2013. I know everyone is stating the same thing but it pretty much rings true: This year went by fast (as hell)! I'm grateful for so much in my life. Even though a lot of thoughts and wishes and scenarios didn't go as planned, I tilt my head to the side and remember that I am lucky than most. And for that, I am grateful.

Taken after my birthday brunch at Art & Soul in Oct.
Wearing the ADR for H&M sunglasses (gifted) and trying a dark lipstick in the daytime.

It was a cool year for Heart, Print & Style. Attended quite a few events because of my blog like The Fashion of Goodwill Runway Show & Gala, Fashion, Beauty & Life (FBL) Expo and Bloggers Reception at Last Call by Neiman Marcus at Arundel Mills. HPS turned two in October and I hosted a giveaway extravaganza to celebrate. It was also my very first time hosting a giveaway on my blog. Hoping 2013 brings me more opportunities for my blog such as finally getting accepted to Reward Style. Like, what the fuck?! 

Taken after having brunch at Founding Farmers in Sept.
Birthday brunch for the lady wearing the hot pink maxi dress.
I vowed to attend more concerts and I did just that. A mixture of music and comedy. It started off with Aziz than being impressed with Mr. Ocean, next up was going completely insane at the Made in America Festival and then finally laughing my ass off to Kevin Hart's jokes. One concert I didn't do a post on was Pentatonix. They performed at Howard Theatre earlier this month. I had no plans of going because it sold out! I mean, who knew DC was hip to some Pentatonix? Anywho, when it was announced that they were performing a few of their songs FOR FREE at the Verizon store in Union Station, I was gonna be there. Shiii. They were there from 12-2pm and I managed to get there at 1:30pm. Long story. They finished performing (bummer) but stayed around to take photos with fans and Verizon employees. And me, being me, I was too shy to approach them. Yes, I was shy. Weird, huh? I just couldn't see myself going super fanatic. Whenever I meet a celebrity, I try to treat them as regular folks. And whenever I met new regular folks, I act shy. So...I was shy. After being harassed by a super fanatic fan to go take a photo with them, I finally obliged.

Taken with my camera

Taken with a professional camera

While I was talking to some PTX fans, Avi (far left) approached me and asked if I was coming to their show that night. I told him, no. He asked why. At this point, Kristin (second to the left) walked over to join in on our conversation. I explained how I took PTX for granted and waited too long to buy the tickets...and it's now sold out. Kristin laughed, "Huge mistake!" I know...I know. Then Avi whipped out an envelope with a free ticket inside. He said, "Here you go", and handed me the envelope. I had the cheesiest smile on my face. My afternoon was made. (^_^) And that's how I attended their Howard Theatre show. Meanwhile, Avi has a beautiful smile.

Another random photo.
Taken at a family friend's wedding in August.
With my sister.
Wearing a ASOS floral peplum dress that was too big on me so I had to sell the dress.
I didn't go to as many trips as I had planned to take in 2012 (the main one being travelling to Nigeria for the holidays). I went to Vegas for my cousin's big birthday. Went to Philly for the Made in America Festival. I headed to NYC for Nigeria's Independence Day parade. *tilts head to the side* *ponders* Yep, that was it. SHAME! LOL! But I think I more than made up for it by attending as many events as possible here in the DC area. I will say, 2013 is not going to be a repeat. Nah. I need to fill up my passport. Well, actually, I need to renew my passport than fill it up. Also, one thing I vow to do in '13 is go to a NBA game when I'm in another city/town.

Taken in front of Madison Square Garden in Oct.
Me and my boo thang for life, Melo.
In regards to entertainment:
  • Everybody knows of my girl crush, Gwen Stefani. But in 2012 I find myself stanning hard for Elle Fanning. Not only can she model her ass off but her style is insane...and I'm loving it. Fun Fact: She is 14 years old. Yeah. There's that.
  • I tend to have one ig'nant song I enjoy per year. A couple years back it was Pretty Boy Swag. Then No Hands. But this year was just too much. It was like 2012: The Year of Ig'nant Music. I found myself grooving to Birthday Song, Fuckin' Problem and Cashin' Out. But my numero uno is Bandz A Make Her Dance
  • I love reading books! Too bad this year was an epic fail. *shudders* I'm blaming technology for this one! *avoids eye contact* I'm trying to get my back in the game and starting a bit early with There Was A Country by Chinua Achebe. I'm hoping in 2013 I'll sign up to a local book club. On the search right now.
  • My favorite new show of 2012 was Nashville. The soundtrack of the show is pretty darn good, too. I still watch too much TV but I like to think I watch quality TV. *smiles*
  • The Summer Olympics came and the Summer Olympics went. Read my recap here.
It's hard to narrow down my favorite outfits of twenty-twelve. Off the top of my head, these were the four looks I really, really liked:

clockwise: photo 1 here, photo 2 here, photo 3 here, photo 4 here
Notice a pattern?
I'm sure you will remember a better outfit than I can. If the look isn't in this collage, what was your favorite outfit of mine in 2012?

A new year always bring forth some new changes, right? Right. Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have started a Facebook Page here. My first post will go up in 01/01/13. I'm pretty excited! Also, I will be more active on my Instagram page, too. I'm still pretty active on Twitter (like that's ever gonna change anytime soon). Maybe in 2013 I will finally host my very first event. Hmmm. We shall see. 

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! See you in 2013 when I announce the winner of my Holiday Presents giveaway. Have you entered? If you haven't, click here.