Dots x Floral = Happy Face

dc style blogger

Yes. I have 'k' leg.
This is a bit exaggerated.
My true 'k' leg formation.

Vest: thrift, Blouse/Jeans: LYS, Flats: Avenue
Bag: Forever 21, Earrings: H&M, Shades: ADR for H&M
My friend Ada Emihe aka Avaloni Studios, just so happened to be around my 'hood this past weekend. She offered to take a bunch of photos for my blog. And I quickly screamed. Well, I whispered screamed. I'm sure she thought I was crazy. (This conversation happened over the phone). Anywho, I picked a location near a friend's house we were heading to afterwards. I truly appreciate her doing this for me. I can't wait for our next 'shoot featuring me wearing a much more snazzier outfit. I mean, I like this outfit. Perfect for the beautiful Spring weather we had that day. But when one hears/sees 'photo shoot' don't you expect to see a snazzy outfit? I know I do. 

Meanwhile it seems like my favorite mixed patterns combo are polka dots and floral. See here for proof. One day, I will graduate to something a bit more extreme like what Solange rocked a couple days ago:

Why did she wear white shoes? Why?!!!
Solange, I believe, is the current queen of mixed patterns and owning it.

Edited: Also, this will be my entry for Spring Trends Challenge: Florals. I had something else in mind to submit for the challenge but I wasn't able to complete the look.