Eccentric Panther

I was so focused this fine early Easter morning to find this gem. I remember watching it live and literally wiping tears from my eyes. Guys, I don't usually laugh so hard that I cry. I leave that for my good friend Mgbeks and my cousin. But, yo, this audition had me laughing so hard that I had legit tears.

So here I was on YouTube watching Bro. Franklin and then *cues next scene* I found myself watching folks versions of "Worst Idol Auditions Ever!" or "Top 10 Funniest Worst Idol Auditions!" and not even breaking into a pursed smile. I mean, how come I didn't laugh? Was it me? Was it them? (It was definitely them. Def.) Anywho, I spent the next 15 mins searching high and low for my funniest worst best American Idol audition ever.

Behold the greatness that is Martik Manoukian aka Eccentric. I mean, how can you not like someone who is so determined that not only is he an athlete but will also get into acting and will get into modelling and will get into author, singer, songwriter, rapper, choreographer, producer AND composer. C'mon. You can't knock a hustle like that. You just can't.

Hilar. And I am happy to report that this audition still has me wiping tears from my eyes five years later.

Meanwhile, as much as I like fine-ass Keith Urban and cuckoo Nicki Minaj, I do miss the original trio of Randy, Paula and Simon.

Oh and if you didn't laugh once during this video then you need to reevaluate your funny bone. *smiles*

Happy Easter, ya'll!