To say I was geeked there was an event closer to home would be an understatement.

Last Wednesday, I got the chance to check out Palette Arts Studio located in the Palette at Art District Apartments complex in the Arts District neighborhood in Hyattsville, MD. BrandlinkDC put together a wonderful event called Palette-Tini. They brought in GQ Magazine's DC's Most Imaginative Bartender 2012 Brennan Adams to mix up some creative cocktails. His question of the evening was, "Do you want floral or spicy?" And me not being a fan of spicy food (so much so that I stay getting questioned if I'm really Nigerian) I chose floral. My floral pick lead to The Scream which is Brut Sparkling Wine, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, sparkling water and a lemon twist. So, so good. So effin' good that I had two. So I was sorta kinda feelin' it throughout the night.

Now don't get me wrong, I love DC events in DC. Truly I do. But it's get to a point when you're tired of taking the metro or trying to figure out if it's good to drive from work and through the horrendous rush hour or if such and such event will end in time for you to get home and watch your favorite show or to even get enough sleep in order for you to wake up the next morning ready to go to work on time. I guess I had reach that point.

I guess me feeling good led me to believe that I was some sorta artist. Fun Fact: I used to draw quite a lot growing up. Loved drawing. But the passion kinda left me some time during my high school years in Nigeria. I truly wished I honed into my skill. Anywho, the event had another room filled with art and paint and easels and sketch books and a real artist sketching a model for the evening. The artist was Martin Swift. It didn't even occur to me to take a photo of his finished work. Whoops. Well, just click his name and check out his blog.

I decided to give it a try and, well, you be the judge:


I had such a great time. This coming Tuesday they are hosting another event and this time it'll be sushi roll making. I love me some sushi. I'll be there for that.

To check out more photos of this event click here.