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What I Wore
Sheer Floral Jacket/Necklace/Bag: thrift, Snake Print Jeans/Flats with Leopard Print Bow Tie: Avenue

Last week I went to see Ms. Solange Knowles in concert. She's the lil' sister of some lady named Beyonce. I guess a few will know of her sister. Maybe...? *shrugs*

The venue was at the 9:30 Club which was just recently voted the #1 Venues That Rock by Rolling Stone Magazine. Before hearing Ms. Knowles on stage, we took a quick stroll behind the venue to Satellite Room. I love this place if only because of their Boozy Shakes. I recommend Linus Van Pelt (peanut butter with George Dickel no. 12 Tennessee Whisky), Vincent Vega (vanilla with Bulleit Bourbon) and Latka Gravas (espresso hazelnut with Hennessy VS).

Solange is a FANTASTIC performer. I was seriously blown away. When she hit several high notes during a particular song I almost lost my damn mind (Later on, my sister was like she quickly glanced at me to see my facial expression because she thought I was gonna side eye the high notes. hahaha. I'm not that bad. I mean, I would've done something like that for someone who can't hit high notes like, say, Rihanna). She performed songs from her album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams (I never really cared much for this album save for a few songs) and her latest EP, True (which I really, really liked). Her band was amazing, her background singers were stylish and amazing. The energy inside the club was electric. Solange also took on Selena's I Could Fall in Love which was really beautiful.

If you missed out on her concert don't worry, it seems like this talented young lady will be in a couple of festivals this spring/summer including Sweetlife at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in VA (for all my DC area folks) and Made in America in Philly (Read my recap of this inaugural event here. And, yes, I'm going again!).