Colorfully Pressed

Easter has come and gone. But that didn't stop me from wearing my Easter outfit again to make use of the beautiful weather my area experienced recently.

dc plus size style
What you can't see is 1) a shivering sister and 2) a steady light drizzle

Above photo was taken on Easter Day. I planned on doing a full on outfit shoot. However, it was cold and rainy and sucky. Grr. Yeah. As you can see, that was not gonna work out. So, I decided to chill and wait for a brighter, slightly warmer day. And I finally got my chance.

Saw Bisi's bag. Grabbed it Asked to borrow for a couple of shots.
It goes so well with my outfit, no?

Funny enough, I had another Easter outfit planned, inspired by Solange. But it didn't work out. I'll save that for another bright, sunny day.