Hey there!

Been awhile, huh? I wish I could give you some legit reasons as to why I, Vivi, have not updated this blog since May 19th. But, alas, I have none. I have, however, been updating one of my other social media pages quite frequently - Instagram. So, if you wanna know what I've been doing between the last time I've posted here and now, then check out that particular page and hit that follow button with the quickness.

Speaking of Instagram, I posted a photo of a look I wore to a wedding over the weekend. (Congratulations to my long-time family friend, Amaka of Omalicha Curls!) I loved the look so much that I decided this will be my first June 2013 post.

Dress: thrift

The dress was given to me by my sister. She was thrifting and saw it and loved it and bought it. We tend to do that a lot. I also do that for my friends. Anywho, I'm so glad I kept a hold of this dress despite the fact that at that time it couldn't fit for shit. Almost two years later and it's a perfect fit. I LOVE the print. And I don't know if you can see it but black gem embellishments are around the waistline of the dress. Almost like a belt. Something else you couldn't see is the slight open v-neck at the back of the dress. A slight subtle sexiness that no one could really see, honestly, cause my hair was covering it. Ha and whoops.

Clutch: Love, Cortnie, Heels: Avenue, Watch: Michael Kors

I hope to be back to my regular scheduled posting program this week. We shall see. *fingers crossed*

Have a great and safe week ahead...while staying fashionable.