Fashion Bomb Daily x DC

Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily hosted a nice event called Cocktails with Claire. She took her talents to Atlanta and then NYC. Her last stop was the Nation's Capitol, DC.

While giving her speech, Claire noted that DC had the largest turnout of her event. woop, woop. And one look around the room on the 2nd floor of Eighteenth Street Lounge even I could tell that DC showed out. Unfortunately, I was looking around the room through squinted eyes because, boy, was it dark. And a bit cramped considering the room couldn't accommodate or at least tried to accommodate the large turnout. I definitely did want to snap the styles that I managed to see but the lighting was pretty bad. A better venue with great lighting, larger room and maybe even a rooftop (cause as we all know, DC folks love themselves a good rooftop setting) would have been ideal. Besides the hiccup, it was pretty great to meet new faces and see old ones, as well. And the highlight of my evening was going next door and indulging in Shake Shack with Elle and Cee. So serious.

I've met Claire once at the IFB Conference two years ago and she was so welcoming and nice. While I didn't go up to her and say 'hi!' this time around, I did get the chance to watch her chat it up with some of the attendants/fans/readers with the same energy and excitement as chatting it up with a good friend. Claire has a great website going (Remember, it started off as a blog!) and she deserves all of the success.

I really liked how Claire styled her blonde dreadlocks.
Shirt/Brooch: thrifted, Pants: Old Navy, Bag: Liz Claiborne, Heels: Lane Bryant

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