Vivi Re-Upholstered Her Chair

It may not come across like this on my blog but I really do love D.I.Y. and I enjoy reading D.I.Y. posts. It's just so cool and inspiring to see folks think of new ways to make something old look fresh again. Creative juices just flowing. Puts me in my happy place.

I was need of a new desk chair. So, I went to my favorite thrift store to hit up the furniture section for a funky, semi-ugly chair to make anew again. I came across a rolling desk chair for $9.99. All of its functions were still working and still intact. The only problem with the chair was that it came heavily stained and dirty. Pretty much the clear reason why the chair ended up in a thrift store. I decided to take it home with me. Also, got it for a great deal, too. You see, I just donated some clothes and in doing so, the worker handed me a 30% coupon. So with that 30%, I got the chair for only $6.99. Schwing.


Feeling this burst of energy mixed with excitement, I headed to my next destination: the fabric store. The closest fabric store to me is Joann Fabrics. So, Joann Fabrics, it is. I had no specific fabric in mind. I just let my eyes do all the work. After roaming the store for about 10 minutes, my eyes fell upon this vibrant print. The fabric has a bit of stretch, which I later discovered. Once I got that print I decided that the seat of the chair would be of a soft, cushy dark fabric to complement. I like that the fabric I chose is black with a hint of grey. Also it has a swirly, zig-zag print going on. So, I semi did a mixed pattern look for the chair.

The chair after I removed its original fabric:


Introducing my new and approved desk chair!

I used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the seat. I did you guys a favor by not showing how it looks underneath the seat. Let's just say, it's not neat. But it ain't, like, too messy either. It's just there.

For the body, I initially started off with using the staple gun. Then...I ran out of staples. Since it was late and the nearest store to me was closed, I tried my luck and finished my work with a needle and some thread. And not just any ol' needle and thread. I used a needle and thread usually reserved for weaves and wigs. But, hey, it did the work. The lil' bunching you see was me trying to make something out of a mistake. I miscalculated how much fabric was needed for the body of the chair. But I think it turned out alright and it looks like it was purposely done, no?

I can't even begin to tell you how long it took because I wasn't timing myself. I did this while listening to my iTunes and chattin' it up on Twitter. Time flew by. I really like my piece of work. *pops imaginary collar*

What do you guys think?