Made in America: Day 1

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It was SO effin' hot in Philly. Ugh. 
Hey folks!

How was your Labor Day weekend? My holiday weekend took place in the City of Brotherly Love. Yep, yep. I was in Philly for the Made in America festival. I went last year (view recap here) and seeing the lineup months in advance for this year I knew I had to reintroduce myself to the festival again.

On Day 1, after arriving mad late to a pre-festival party to get our drank, we had to immediately bounce (We still got our drank on, though. Trust.) to try to catch ASAP Rocky's set. Here we were thinking we were late only to get there and see that ASAP Rocky was late himself. Dude quickly performed only, like, 3.5 songs and quickly left. So underwhelming. Next up was 2 Chaaaaaiiiinnnnnzzzz. He did a phenomenal job. I truly enjoyed his set. Before Beyonce's set, which was the last performance on Day 1, we decided to try to find a good sitting/standing position. Once there, we laid down our blankets and chilled and waited. I was slipping in and out of sleep but the band playing on the main stage wouldn't allow me to fully sleep. Why? Because they were fuckin' awesome, that's why. I just gave up trying to sleep and laid there jamming away. Later on I found out that the band was Phoenix. I'm now a fan. Easily.

Finally it was time for the Mrs. Carter show. Homegirl came to entertain. I mean E N T E R T A I N. Apparently, she did sets from her concert. I didn't get the chance see her in concert when she was here in July but after seeing her performance at Made in America, I NEED to hit up her concert this December. It was THAT good. She gave us outfit changes (Quick ones, too! I was impressed.), energy, live singing. She truly came out and enjoyed performing for us. It wasn't forced. You can tell that Beyonce genuinely loves what she does. Now, I'm not a converted stan but I appreciate her a bit more than previously. Also, lovin' her new 'do and her body looked fantastic. A part of me wanted Jay-Z to come out and do his rap verse on Crazy in Love. Maybe even a 30 second Destiny's Child reunion would've been cool. But, nah. Beyonce was enough for the night.

Beyonce provided her audience with glitter blessings. I'm all for glitter so iApprove.
I didn't even wipe off the glitter 'til I got back to the hotel.
This was during Singles Ladies. I think.

Oh. You may have noticed that I hardly have any performance photos from Day 1. That's because my phone died so quickly that even I was shocked. Come to find out leaving so many programs running like GPS and roaming led to my phone taking a long nap. D'oh.

Rockin' a customized 'name' necklace from Carmen LeFleur

I'm a 'Ye stan. It's only right to have a 'Ye shirt.
Hooded Chiffon Jacket/Bag: Forever21, Skater Skirt: ASOS Curve, Sunshades: ADR for H&M
Scarf: Caroline Herrara via thrift, Gladiator Sandals: Simply Be

But don't worry, I more than made up for it on Day 2. Recap coming tomorrow.