Made in America: Day 2

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Day 2 was pretty darn nice. We got the chance to see Solange,...

...Kendrick Lamar and his crew (Poor Jay Rock, though. He was the first up during this set and no one cared for him. Like, no one. Nada. When dude hit the stage, we and everyone around us said in unison, "Jay who?" I guess we were expecting Kendrick to come out first. Ha.)

...Miguel (No one was harmed during his set. But he damn sure could have harmed himself doing unnecessary high splits and karate moves. I'm all for feeling the energy of your music but c'mon son.)

...and finally Macklemore. Macklemore cracked me up because he pretty much talked throughout his set. It made sense to me, though, because he only has 3 songs out right now. So he had to stretch his time out as much as possible. But I was happy he ended his set with Can't Hold Us. That's my song! My friend initially thought the person that sang the chorus of the song was John Legend. *laughs* Imagine her surprise when out comes a tall, large bald-headed black guy who definitely was not John Legend. Her reaction gave me the giggles. 

All in all, I enjoyed this year's Made in America festival. The festival had more activities like the Skype photo booth and a carnival ride. Truly wished I hit up the carnival ride. I don't know the exact name but it's the ride where you get on a swing and it spins you around...300ft or so up in the air. It goes at a steady speed so it's not a thrill ride. But it would've been wonderful to ride on and get some much needed breeze. Because it was H O T that day. 

Key evidence of how I was hot and sweaty and tired.
Also, I may have been slightly tipsy. Just slightly.
This may be my last Made in America festival. *pause* Ehhh. Well, it depends on who's performing. If 'Ye performs next year (he made a brief appearance last year during Jay-Z's set but he was with his G.O.O.D family), I'll be there for that. Hmmm...who else will get me out there again for the 3rd year in a row? Bruno Mars. Justin Timberlake. Jazmine Sullivan. Backstreet Boys. U2. Coldplay. Ne-Yo. Pink. Taylor Swift. I'm sure there are others.