Tastemaker Thursdays at Mosiac District

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to take a style tour of the Mosaic District, located in Fairfax, VA. It's a mixture of top, locally ranked independent fashion boutiques, unique restaurants, awesome entertainment choices, and, of course, living options which includes luxury apartments, lofts, penthouses and townhomes.

To show folks what Mosaic District has to offer, Tastemaker Thursdays was created. Tammy got an invite and brought me and Wave along. Thanks, Tammy! Tastemaker Thursdays is a chance to check out five boutiques/shops in the Mosaic District and get to know their business a tad bit better. Before getting started, we met up with the host of the tour at Angelika Lounge, located in the Angelika Film Center, for drinks.

Tammy and Wave

Angelika Film Center only shows independent and specialty films.

 The first stop of the tour was Artisan Confections. This shop houses delicious handmade chocolates. The owner, Jason Andelman, gave us a brief history of how his shop came to be and delved a bit into how he makes his chocolates. We got to sample a few and they were really good. Even the dark chocolate and I am NOT a fan of dark chocolate.

Next up: Ah Love Oil & Vinegar. This blew me away because there were so many different types of oil and vinegar that I never knew could even exist. And to be mixed this way and used that way. Mind blown. It also shows that you can be passionate about anything and everything. Seeing the owner speak about her love for oil and vinegar made me appreciate the shop even more.

We walked a few doors down to COURAGE. b. This fashion boutique has locations in NY, NJ, CT, FL, CO, and MD before finally opening a new location in VA. COURAGE. b was created to bring high quality, classic, feminine and affordable fashion.

Us holding their Pop Top bags. 

Chugging along, we stopped at Lou Lou. This store got my attention because of their fantastic accessories selection. Also, the manager was nice enough to give us 20% off any item in the store for that night.

Finally, the last stop on the Tastemaker Thursdays walking train was South Moon Under. SMU is a very, very popular store among the DC fashion community. And I've been to plenty of SMU events (here, here and here).


It really was a pretty darn good night. The only downside to Mosaic District is that it's a bit deep in the cut. Yes, you can take the metro to the closest stop, Dunn Lorring on the Orange Line, but once there you either have the option of taking a cab (roughly a $8 trip) or walk (18 minute trek). Of course, if you have a car you're good to go. I think having a shuttle specifically for the Mosaic District to and fro from the Dunn Lorring station would be ideal. I'm sure folks not from the DC area reading this are like, "The hell is she blabbing about?" Either that or they completely glossed over this paragraph.

Anywho, the next Tastemaker Thursdays is on October 10th. If interested, just hit me up via e-mail at vivi@heartprintandstyle.com for more info.

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