A Mural Evening

I'm so here for the Fall. Like, I'm so ready. As you may have noticed from my constant bitching whining complaints, I'm not a fan of Summer. Or, as I like to say, I am on team #EffSummerTho. And I feel my blog lacked seriously these past few months because, quite frankly, I'm not inspired during the Summer season. All I'm trying to do is stay icy cool. Really, that's my #1 main focus during the Summer. But I feel my energy and excitement picking back up now that September is here...which also means that it's almost Libra season...which leads into my birthday month. October's Very Own. Thanks, Drake.

Anywho, I had a very fall-like outfit going on last week.

dc plus size style
Blazer/Necklace: thrift, Tee: H&M+, Jeans: ASOS Curve, Studded Loafers: Lane Bryant

I went to the Heineken Mural Project VIP Launch Event held at the new Blind Whino SW Arts Club. A cool fact of this arts club is that the building was once a centuries old church. This newly converted church is also the new home of the Heineken Mural Project. Speaking of mural, we got to meet the four street artists who were comissioned to give their own interpretation of the Heineken's Open Your World message throughout the DC area.

This isn't some screen projection magic.
This church has been permanently mural'd out.
My photo does not do it justice. It's beautiful in person.

Outside of the building, we ate and enjoyed the Heineken open bar while listening to music and watching the artists create graphics on a Heineken banner. Inside, people were either looking at art or chatting or dancing to the amazing music that was provided by Rock Creek Social. DJ Jerome Baker was unreal and made this event into a dance party that could have lasted all night but unfortunately it had to end at 11pm. When the DJ stopped after the last song was played, I swear death glares were sent his way. Finally, there was a special performance by Phil Ade which took place on the 2nd floor.

Check out more photos here.