Straight from Avenue pt. 2

Remember that whole "Check back later on this week for pt. 2" from last week's post? Yeah, ignore that.

Next up in this quote-on-quote Straight from Avenue series: Butter Denim Skinny Jean. Avenue sent me the brown pair. First time rocking a pair of brown jeans. Brown pants/trousers? Sure, I've rocked those way, way, wa-a-a-a-y, back in the day. But never brown jeans. No reason, really. It just never crossed my mind to purchase a pair in that color.

dc plus size style

I am wearing a size 16W. It fits me pretty well. It sits at my natural waistline which is a huge plus for me since I don't care much for low-rise anything. What really impressed me about the jeans is that it's truly a pair of skinny jeans. There have been some skinny jeans I've owned from numerous stores that fit more like straight, no-stretch-what-so-ever pants and it frustrated the hell outta me. Not so with these jeans. Also, it gives an illusion that I have some kinda ass. It's the little things.

I heart front pockets in jeans, pants, and especially skirts. Anytime I put on a pair of any bottoms I automatically stick my hand(s) inside the front pocket(s). Without fail. So when I first put on the Butter Denim Skinny Jean my hands went straight to the poc-- huh? *force hands inside imaginary pockets* *hands glide down the side of my thighs* No pockets?!! How can jeans not have any front pockets, though? Not the kind of surprise I wanted. Anywho, I truly mean it when I say that the Butter Denim Skinny Jean would have been perfect if it had front pockets.

Not gonna lie and say I knew automatically how I was going to style the jeans. Nope. I had to go to my trusty InStyle's "Neutral Know-How" bookmarks. Let me tell you how much the bookmarks have been a lifesaver whenever I'm experiencing a styling slump. I flipped through my stash until I found what I was looking for: the Chocolate bookmark. It says that Royal Blue, Marigold (yellow-ish), Clementine (orange-ish), and Jade (green-ish) would be great pairings with Chocolate (brown). I decided to pair the jeans with an animal print blouse and for that pop of color I went with a pair of cobalt blue heels. Funny enough, everything I'm wearing is from Avenue except the blouse and bag. Didn't plan it that way.

Blouse: Calvin Klein via Dress for Success Tag Sale
Jeans: c/o Avenue
Shoes, Necklace: Avenue
Watch: Charming Charlie
Bag: thrift

Head on over to Avenue and check out other colors in the Butter Denim Skinny Jean collection. It comes in average, petite, and tall.

*Sidenote: Due to the lighting of the photos, the brown color is coming off much lighter. It is actually a rich dark brown.