Fabulous at Any Damn Age

I truly believe that even when I reach a certain age (God willing), I will still be immersed in fashion and especially, style. Just because I'm say, 80, does that mean I need to give up on my love for looking good? Nah.

I came upon Fabulous Fashionistas, a documentary centered around six ladies who are still going strong for their love of life and style, today from Cosmic Medium's post. After getting the chance to watch the documentary, I was inspired to create this post to share the video. It's 47 minutes of awesomeness. Trust me. I would never lead you to corniness.

There were so many quotables (like this one from 71 year old Sue Kreitzman: "Don't wear beige...it might kill you.") but my favorite came from feisty and funny 91 year old Baroness Trumpington (Jean Barker), a peer of the House of Lords. When asked if she thinks she'll ever reach to see 100, she said that she thought that was a silly question to ask. She then went on to say, "When you're 90, you don't think about the future. You're damn lucky to be there." Boom.

Watch the clips here. Enjoy.