In my previous post, you saw what I wore to Day 1 of the LuckyFABB conference. LuckyFABB Conference is a creation by Lucky Magazine to bring together fashion/style bloggers and beauty bloggers from all over and get inspired by various of topics to help propel their blog to the next level. It's held twice a year - one in LA during the springtime and the other in Sept/Oct. during the Fall season. This is not my first time attending a bloggers conference - I attended the IFB Conference back in Sept. '11 here - but it was my first time attending the LuckyFABB Conference. I applied, got approved, and here we are.

dc plus size blogger

Day 1 was held at The Times Center. All of the panel discussions took place in an auditorium style room. Considering there were about 300 fashion/style and beauty bloggers in attendance, such a room was very much needed. The discussions were great and the two main guest speakers for that day were Eva Mendes and Kate Bosworth. Eva was just amazing. She filled the room with her personality. There was an exciting buzz from the audience throughout her interview. Not so much with Kate. I kinda zoned out during Kate's segment. At one point I realized I was more interested with my phone than what Kate had to say. My bad, Kate.

Eva Chen with Eva Mendes

Eva Chen with Kate Bosworth
During intermissions, we went to a separate room set up as a Bloggers Lounge. There we found a charging station (I mean, we are bloggers that needed our phones to be fully charged. Duh.) and booths set up with great brands like Olay, PAIGE Denim, ShopStyle, Charming Charlie, etc. Speaking of Charming Charlie, their booth consisted of racks on racks on racks of jewelry. At first, I thought it was just there for show. But then a CC representative explained that, no, these racks of jewelry were here for us. Meaning, we can have our pick of necklaces and bracelets. Craziness. I may or may not have gone insane in that booth. My other favorite booth was the Super Mario 3D World Nail Station. I got my accent nails did with fun Super Mario characters (I chose the Princess because her colors matched my outfit. It didn't last more than 30 minutes because I'm clumsy and impatient and snagged my nails across something.) Once done, I went over to play the Super Mario 3D World game. I was very much uber excited. Such a kid, I am. Meanwhile, have I mentioned that I love video games? Well, I love video games. Actually, I just love games...period. Anywho, I am a proud owner of a 'vintage' Super Nintendo that I copped off of eBay a couple years back. Now, I'm on the hunt for Sega Genesis.

Inside the Bloggers Lounge
After Day 1 of the conference, a cocktail hour was set up for the bloggers to chat with the folks behind Lucky Magazine and the LuckyFABB Conference.

Yes, there was a Day 2. No, I did not attend Day 2. Yes, I did miss out owning on what was said to be a 20 lbs swag bag. Yes, twenty pounds. Womp womp to me. Also, I really wanted to get the VIP ticket but it sold out with a quickness. At the conference, the VIP ticket holders got a part of the room sectioned off just for them. Inside the 'room' was their own VIP Lounge filled with brands giving away their stuff. I'm talking about clothes, shoes, purses, fragrances. So at the end of the conference, the lucky VIP ticket holders walked away with two swag bags weighing about 20 pounds each PLUS loads of free shit from the Bloggers Lounge. They won.

The tickets to the conference may have been a bit pricey but what we got in return balances it out...and then some. Thank you, LuckyFABB Conference, for a good time.

Below are few more photos from Day 1.

As I mentioned on Instagram when I posted this photo, my day was pretty much complete when I finally got the chance to meet Gabi of GabiFresh. She's a cool lady. Also, check out my very first feature on any blog here. That's right, that's right. My first feature ever was on GabiFresh (well, at that time it was Young, Fat, & Fabulous). I was such a fan and was thiclose to starting my very own blog. I decided to enter myself as a 'YFF Girl of the Moment' just on a whim. I guess that worked out, huh?
Also, don't be scurred. My first name is Oby (pronounced Ah bee). Middle name is Vivian. Hence, Vivi.
The end.

Emily of Her Philly

Chasity of GarnerStyle

Me, Gabi and Margie of MargiePlus. When I tell you that Margie is a The girl is fun and hilarious!
Also, she's wearing an item that I also have and love: Macy's Gold Sequin Jacket.
I've worn it so many times. Here's how I've worn mine here and here.

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