Inspiration #7

dc plus size style

One of the many positive factors of being a blogger is finding style inspiration from other bloggers.

I remember when I first saw Mona in this look, I said to myself, "I must recreate this way or another. Must!" That was August 2012.

Yep. More than a year later, I finally recreated this way or another.

No, I didn't wear a gorgeous statement necklace. I, instead, opted for a delicate one from Charming Charlie. And, no, your eyes are not deceiving you - that is a sequin skirt and not a leather skirt. Plus there's the whole factor of donning tights and heels instead of some bad-ass two tone sandal heels (Hey, at least my heels are two tone! That counts for something, right? Right..?) The main reason why I loved Mona's look so much was because she made plaid stylish and classy; so lady-like. Remember, this was last year. I don't recall a lot of folks rocking plaid in that kind of style. It was refreshing to see back then.

The more I look at that caricature, the more I believe that it can fit in seamlessly on The Proud Family.
Plaid Shirt: Target (previously worn here)
Cardigan: thrift (previously worn here)
Skirt: Lane Bryant (previously worn here)
Metal Plate Belt: c/o City Chic via
Tights: CVS
Heels: Lane Bryant
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Avenue
Necklace: Charming Charlie