SAG Awards '14

Lupita Nyong'o in Gucci
Hands down the best dressed of the night.
On a night when I was mostly underwhelmed with the fashion,
Lupita came through to save the day.
Bow down to the Grace Jones 'do.

Actually, the new name is SAG-AFTRA.

SAG aka Screen Actors Guild.
AFTRA aka American Federation of Television and Radio Arts.

Or has it always been SAG-AFTRA and I just didn't know? *confused shrug* But I'll just stick with SAG, thankyouverymuch.

Anywho, last night's telecast of SAG-AFTRA Awards was a pretty good one. Lots of great moments and wonderful speeches and even a speech which mostly consisted of singing (Which I didn't mind). All in all, I enjoyed watching the show.

So. Let's get into this red carpet, shall we?

Natalie Dormer in Marlo Schwab
I really liked this. She came through on that edgy tip.
And seeing her makes me miss Game of Thrones even more.
Come on through the month of April!
(Peep dude on the right looking at Natalie's hair like, "My heavens! What is going on here? Kids these days.")

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior
I personally believe that Dior has been doing Jennifer dirty on the red carpet since she signed her contract with the designer house.
With that being said, this is the best Dior dress she's worn in quite some time. The hem is too long, though.
Still not sure about her hair.

Hannah Simone in Marchesa Resort
When Hannah appeared on my screen I immediately tacked this look as 'prom-ish'.
But the more I look at it, the more I like the dress.
Hannah is a beautiful lady and I just wished she oomphs it up a bit on the red carpet.

Sarah Hyland in Pamella Roland
Regarding this dress, I didn't care much for the color nor the hi-lo hem.
But, just as with Hannah's dress, I'm growing to like what Sarah is wearing.
And those shoes are KILLER!

Ariel Winters in Badgley Mischka
My Alex is growing up!!! iWeep.
Don't care much for this dress but I just wanted to add the photo to this list because... Alex is growing up!!! *cries*

Sandra Bullock in Lanvin
I am not a fan of the jewelry-less look that Hollywood loves so much. I understand its purpose -
To let the dress speak for itself -
But when said dress is not groundbreaking nor moving mountains, you're left with a boring look.
I like the color of her dress. Oh, and also the arm bracelet.

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy
As I mentioned on Twitter, all I'm getting from this look is a sequined tablecloth.

Julie Bowen in Caroline Herrera
I also mentioned on Twitter how much I like seeing Julie Bowen on the red carpet.
Because Julie loves herself some fashion. She takes this red carpet shit seriously. And I truly appreciate her efforts.

Julia Roberts in Valentino least she gave a small crap this time considering she's rockin' a jumpsuit.
Albeit an ill fitting jumpsuit.
But it's progress.

Kerry Washington in Prada
I understand the concept. I appreciate the concept. I don't like the results.
At. All.
The top and the skirt do not complement the other.
Imagine if the top was black? And she tossed away that cheesy clutch?

And we end this post with the EGOT (Emmy. Grammy. Oscar. Tony.) legend, Rita Moreno, who at 82, is shutting it down! Her acceptance speech for the Lifetime Achievement award was glorious - eloquent, funny, and charming. She also dropped the 'f' bomb. She's alright with me.

Can we talk about her jacket right quick?
It's amazing.
The end.
Did you spend your Saturday night watching the SAG Awards red carpet and/or telecast?