A Girly Take

I met up with Elle at her place for a D.I.Y shindig. We had drinks, food (she made pizza), and her Pandora station rockin' the best of 90s pop to get us in our creative place. Elle's goal was to jazz up her sweatshirt and she told me to bring one along. Me, being me, forgot last minute that I didn't have a plain ol' sweatshirt. Also, I didn't have time to purchase a plain ol' sweatshirt. So, I decided to use the Old Navy sweater I purchased a couple months back.

Here's a before-n-after:

dc plus size style

And here's how I styled the newly made over sweater:

Sweater (D.I.Y.): Old Navy
Skirt: thrift
Heels: Avenue
Clutch: ASOS
Earrings: vintage
Watch: Michael Kors
Shades: Target

I had a couple of designs in my head but chose to do a swirly "polka dots" design using cream, purple, and red sequins. For the neckline of the sweater, I just embellished it with sequins, as well. 

Hmmm...what's next in my D.I.Y. future?

ETA: Totally forgot to explain how this D.I.Y. was done. Michelle got the roll of sequins from eBay and she bought the glue from her local crafts store. The final item used were scissors. That's it! For the 'polks dots', I squeezed a little of the glue to the where I want the dot on the sweater; cut a strip of sequin from the roll; place the sequin strip on top of the glue and begin to wrap in circular motion until the end of the strip; pat down the now sequin dot gently so it'll stick in place; that's it! For the neckline, I measured it using the strip from the sequin roll; cut the required length off; glue along the neckline, place the strip on top the glue; pat it down to stay in place; that's it!