Jamaica Jamaica

Around this time last week I was in Charlotte Douglas International Airport about to board what would turn out to be a bumpy ass plane ride back to the DC area. A couple hours later, I landed on a runway that had just been cleared off from snow and ice. I stared out my window amazed at the fact that less than 6 hours ago I was in sunny, blue sky, low 80 degrees Montego Bay, Jamaica. I was so blown.

It was my first time in Jamaica and it was beyond. Just BEYOND. I was there to witness one of my very good friend get married. I had such a great time. Now, one thing about me and trips is that I tend to forget something vital that would very much be needed for that trip. This time around I forgot my camera's battery. But wait, Vivi. What about your camera phone? Ahh, my friend. Well, you see. I did have that in my possession...until the next day when I realized my phone was about to die and my charger was no where to be seen (come to find out I left it at a prior location). So, yeah. I really don't have as many photos as I thought I would have before I headed to Jamaica. Especially, outfit photos. My bad, yo.

We stayed at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach. All-inclusive resort. My room had the view of the beach/Atlantic Ocean. Multiple restaurants on deck. Plenty of night time entertainment shows. Water activities (additional fees). 24/7 bars. The best way to roll, honestly.

The wedding ready to commence.
My room.
Word on the beach that a secret wedding was about to take place.
Yep. A secret wedding.
Cocktail Hour Reception
After the wedding reception dinner we took it to the beach for some night time dancing.