Vest Me Down

dc plus size style
Vest: Ashley Stewart
Tee: H&M+
Skirt: Ashley Stewart via thrift
Shoes: Torrid 
Necklace: thrift

Remember the faux leather skirt I got from Ashley Stewart here? Well, during the same shopping trip I also purchased this vest. It's unfortunate that Ashley Stewart filed for bankruptcy and is closing down 27 stores. In a way, it's sad that another plus size store is thisclose to biting the dust (even though word on the street is that Avenue wants to buy AS). On the other hand, I didn't really care much for AS. Their selection never really impressed me as much. Oh! I just realized that this skirt is also Ashley Stewart. But I copped it from a thrift store. One of my favorite thrift finds of all time...OF ALL TIME. Seriously, it has appeared so many times on this blog. Okay...what I was blabbing again? Oh yeah, Ashley Stewart. Hopefully, it all works out for the company in the end.

I finally had the chance to debut the vest over the weekend. Also making a debut (on this blog, anyway) are these black booties/heels from Torrid. It's definitely one of those heels that's only good for standing and sitting down immediately. But, then again, this information is coming from a non-heels lady so...

A huge shout-out to Tosin of Toast 2 Photography for the photos. Check out his site. He's also on Instagram - @ToastPT

Psst...I got my crochet braids back. I did them myself. Well, I do all of my hairstyles myself. Pro: I save money. Con: I take FOREVER when I do my own hair. But I guess that's a plus because...Pro: I catch up on movies. Remember, I'm a TV girl. Movies aren't really my thang.