Brighten Up

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Twas a gloomy day this past Sunday. The temperature dropped drastically throughout the day and a couple hours later after taking these photos, it started snowing. Truly, I'm done. It's been how many times it snowed in the DC area? 15? 50? 72? I don't know. It's just been one too many times throughout this winter season. Spring's meant to start on the 20th of this month. Doesn't matter. Still feels like Winter.

Jacket: labworks via Target
Tee: Eddie Bauer
Jeans: Old Navy
Loafers: Lane Bryant
Watch: DKNY

But winter won't stop me from rockin' white. I truly am (still) enamored by AWE (All White Everything). I love it so. I need a nice white dress. That was random but you get my point. Anywho, once again I kinda fudged and wore a black/white moto jacket on top of my white tee and white jeans. That's because I don't own a white jacket/cardigan/vest/outwear. Because of the black accents on the jacket, I just had to add a lil' black here with the studded loafers and a little black there with necklaces. One of these days, I'll truly rock a complete All White Everything look. No color in sight. Well, maybe on the lips. 

These are the Old Navy jeans I wore in this post. I mentioned how it was too long around my ankle and it was in need of some mending. Well, I did the mending. Free hand with scissors, a tape measure, and a pen for marking. 

Also, I was so tempted to crop out my face in the photos because I'm not feelin' the hair at the moment. Crochet braids, come back to me!