I'm still not bold enough to wear a legit crop top or a legit bikini top. But a slightly loose high-lo cropped sweater that reveals a sliver of your stomach whenever you move will have to do. Actually, I kinda like tops that has a subtle surprise.

I stumbled upon the sweater at Target. Love the texture and the mint/black color combo. The high waist jeggings are from...wait for it...Rainbow. Yep. That Rainbow. You know, Rainbow may come off as an urban, teeny bopper kinda sto--oh who am I kiddin'. It is an urban, teeny bopper kinda store. But if you want inexpensive basic items in your closet, it wouldn't hurt to step inside Rainbow. Mind you, it's been years on years on years since the last time I stepped inside the store. But that one trip a couple months ago to purchase these jeggings made me realize that, hey, it also has some cute basic stuff.

I haven't seen Ola in so long. Damn near a year. Yeah, we kept in touch via social media and WhatsApp but actual face-to-face? Damn near a year. It was great to reunite with her at National Harbor. We both realized that we were rockin' crop tops; totally not planned. Ola recently revamped her blog - new name and everything - Road to Fashionable. Ch-ch-check it out.

Top: Target
Jeggings: Rainbow
Heels: Avenue
Bag: vintage Dooney & Bourke
Earrings: thrift