#FwdYourFashion Recap

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had the opportunity to style 3 looks all purchased from Goodwill. It was for the event #FwdYourFashion festival which was this past Saturday. Despite the very much windy day at the Monroe St. Market (I'm pretty effin' sure that I flashed a couple of people...maybe a neighborhood...more than once), it was nice to be a part of a cool experience. Also, s/o out to my model for the day, Marley, who looks nothing like the 12th grade home schooled girl that she is.

Outfit #1

Jean Jacket - Gap ($10.98)
Floral Pullover Blouse ($4.98)
Pinstripe Shorts - Gap ($3.98)
Sunglasses ($4.99)
Earrings ($1.08)

As soon as my eyes met the pullover I knew the next step was to find a clashing print bottoms. Luckily, the Gap stripe shorts came through in the clutch. For accessories, I went with a simple gold earrings with pearls and some color sunshades. The Gap stretch corduroy jacket was used as a layering piece. I felt having her hair in a mid ponytail gave the look an easy feel. This outfit is great for the ladies that have a tomboy-ish side.

Outfit #2

Crop Top - H&M ($4.98)
Distressed Jeans ($6.98)
Necklace - Icing by Claire's ($6.00)
Belt (3.00)
Earrings ($3.00)
Aviators ($4.99)

Crop tops and distressed jeans are all the rage this Spring/Summer. So you can imagine my joy when I saw that the H&M cream and gold shimmer crop top and the distressed skinny jeans were still hanging on the rack. Say what now? Immediately purchased. Given that it's a pretty loose top, I shifted the sleeves to the side for that off the shoulder style. To complete the look, I added a brown leather woven belt, a long shell necklace from Icing by Claire's (tag still intact), gold trim aviators, and a messy top knot. I pictured someone in this outfit hanging out with their friends on a sunny Saturday afternoon or even heading to a brunch date. 

Outfit #3

Dress ($8.98)
Belt ($3.00)
Gold Plated Bracelets ($1.08/ea = $3.24)
Earrings ($3.00)
Sunglasses (2.98)

I chose this bright blue dress because it's just a great item to use as a blank canvas. I mean, this dress could have been styled whichever way I pleased. I decided to choose the fun-night-out path: a colorful belt (to minimize the elastic waistband), delicate gold plated bracelets, animal print sunglasses, and a killer pair of drop earrings. 

In total, I spent roughly $81 on 3 outfits from two Goodwill retail stores location - DC and Columbia, MD. Sidenote: the Columbia location is pretty impressive. If you live around that area, definitely check it out. That store alone had so many Phillip Lim x Target and Peter Pilotto x Target items - with the tags on them! 

Besides the fashion show, there was a Goodwill pop-up shop, food trucks, vendors, and great music playing in the background. Also, a bunch of stores alongside Monroe Street were open including Analog whose co-owner is Lisa of DC Goodwill Fashionista (This was such a nice surprise because I had no idea she had a store).

Stylists for the Day
(l-r) me, Ali, Wave
To view more from this event and to see my favorite styled looks from both Wave and Ali, click here.

Now over to you guys - which look was your favorite? And can you guess which look was my favorite?