MET Gala '14

Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa
Karolina was my best dressed pick a couple years back at the same event (here).
She came back stronger than ever this year.
Pure art and lots of drama but easily goes with tonight's theme.
She made sure the dress was the main focus: minimal makeup, straight back bun, a fashion ring, and a medium-sized statement necklace.
Karolina looks amazing.

Everyone's favorite fashion prom is back and this year's theme was "White-Tie and Decorations: A Tribute to Charles James". White-tie, I understand. The "...and Decorations" part? Not so much.
Even though, as a whole, this year's red carpet bored me, I came away with a few looks that I liked. Per usual, I also selected some not-so-good looks, as well.

Shall we begin? But, of course.

Beyonce in Givenchy.
I've never been a fan of Beyonce's red carpet fashion (nor street style, for that matter).
But, boy, was I shocked when this appeared on my Twitter timeline.
This is just straight up nice. The makeup, the earrings, the veil (!!!).
I love it.
Only nitpick? The peplum should cover her private parts and bum a little bit more.
It looked too "naked" from back. Especially, since this is a sheer dress.

Hailee Steinfield in Prabal Gurung
This young starlet is blossoming on the red carpet.
My only nitpick? Wrong color and style of footwear.

Charlize Theron in Dior
She's everything.
Can we talk about the tuxedo jacket effortlessly draped across the back of her shoulders? Like her boyfriend realized she was cold and took off his jacket and placed it on her shoulders and she passed herself in the mirror while walking towards the venue and realized,
"Hey. This actually works."
She's everything.

Selena Gomez in
Selena definitely dusted away those Wizards of Waverly Place years.
She's a grown woman.
Love this look on her. So happy that her hair is in an up-do. I need those earrings in my life.

Kristin Wiig in Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen
This was my favorite lady pants look on the red carpet.
Great use of the sequins. Diggin' the sleek back hairdo.
Instead of silver jewelry, she could have worked with black.
A stronger, bolder makeup would have upped the ante.

Jessica Pare in Michael Kors
My love for black/white combo is still strong. So, of course, I gravitated towards this dress.
The pink lipstick actually works here. Great clutch. Those earrings are insane! In a good way.
I wished she went with a different hairstyle.

Emmy Rossum in Carolina Herrera
And you just KNOW I love me a good vibrant print.
Beautiful dress.
Wrong, wrong lipstick color; it not only clashes with the colors of the dress but also the color of the chandelier earrings.
Once again, asking for a better hairstyle.

Rihanna in Stella McCartney
I've also never been a fan of Stella McCartney's work. Once in a blue moon, she gets it right.
The back of the 'dress' is the real winner here. Lovelovelove the formation.
Beautiful statement choker and smart addition, too, because it looks like it's a part of the top.
Despite the messiness, I really like the up-do.
Only a few things bothered me about this look: how her boobs are cupped in the top, the weird shoulders, and the unnecessary extra panel over the draping in the back.

*le sigh* Here we go...

Gabrielle Union in Prada
Apparently this was a designed collabo between Gabby and Miuccia Prada.
Basing on this year's theme, would YOU wear this feathery crop set to a white tie/black tie/any color of tie event?

Kate Upton in Dolce and Gabbana
Then over here we got a complete utter costume. Straight up Halloween costume.
This is not fashion. She clearly wore a costume.
Hours later and I still giggle every time I look at this photo.
I think what bothers me the most is how so WRONG the earrings and necklace matching set are with the dress.
I mean, why?

Lupita Nyong'o in Prada
Oh 'Pita. It's a pity.
You know, even my numero uno style icon, Gwen Stefani, had some clunkers a time or two.
It happens.
We can agree on that.
We can also agree that Lupita is flat-out a beautiful woman.
Look at her trying to charm us with her smile and demeanor.
It's almost working. Almost.
Because this shit right here? It's a hell no. Noooo waaaayy.
Doesn't help that her and her people clearly didn't get the White Tie memo.
But I guess they got the "...and Decorations" part.
*photos c/o Hollywood Life