Stay Mixing, My Friends

One trend that I'll be rocking for a very long, L O N G time is mixing prints/pattern mixing. There's just something about this style that makes me extremely happy. I'm still trying to get on Solange's PhD level of mixing prints but, y'know, I'm satisfied where I'm at, too.

dc plus size style
I wore this look to Whitney's event, Thrift with Nic. It was held at the Goodwill store in Annandale, VA, which is in the DC area. Since this event involved the wonderful world of thrifting and everything it entails, I just HAD to wear a couple of thrifted items. The blazer is a recent find from Value Village in Landover Hills. Of course the main reason for purchasing the blazer is because it had a bit of pattern mix with the florals and circles. I added to the fun a H&M+ black and white polka dots blouse. Finally, finished the trifecta by wearing a pair of black and white Striped Pointy-Toe Slingbacks from Torrid, also a recent find. Now that I think about it, the studs on the bag can definitely pass for 'circles'. So in that case, I was just mixing all over the damn place.

Blazer, Earrings: thrift
Blouse: H&M+
Skirt: H&M
Heels: Torrid 
Rings: Torrid 
Watch: Michael Kors
Bag: New Look via ASOS
Photography: Pich and Roor

Back to the event - Thrift with Nic was nicely done. Whitney loves to thrift and she turned that passion into a business with her Nic's Picks store. Whitney gave us some great tips, my favorite being not jumping so quickly to purchase collections from these retail stores collaboration with designers. Chances are in a month or two you will be seeing said collections in your local thrift stores at insane affordable prices. This turned out to be so true because I remember not even less than a month after the 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target collection debuted in stores and online, I just so happened to be at Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn (Williamsburg neighborhood) and saw a rack filled with the collection. Besides listening to great tips and asking questions, we also did fun challenges. After the session, we ended the early morning with, what else, thrifting. I had a great time and was so impressed with Whitney. That girl's a natural.

I'm hoping to provide a week (well, at least four days) of new content on this here blog. Wish me luck. *fingers crossed*

p.s. Please excuse my cockatoo inspired hairdo.