BET Awards '14

Regina Hall
I think Regina is highly underrated on the red carpet. 9 outta 10 times she looks really nice.
I'm liking this white pant suit look.
Mainly because, I'm still infatuated with the whole AWE (All White Everything).
Using the search button on my blog, I typed in 'bet awards' and was shocked to see that I had no results. Almost 4 years of Heart, Print & Style and not once have I recapped a BET Awards show? Wow. Bad, Vivi. Bad. Especially considering that I always look forward to the BET Awards. And for the past few years, it has been far better than the Grammys and the MTV Music Awards.

Oooh. A reason just popped in my head.

Maybe the main reason why I never created a post on the BET Awards is because of its red carpet. When I recap an awards show, the main billing is really the red carpet. Who wore what? Who was my favorite? Least favorite? That sorta thing. BET Awards show red carpet is usually a hot-ass mess. Or very uninspiring. Or both. And what's the fun of having a blog post just blasting everyone? Not so much fun, at all. (Behind closed doors, that's a different story. As many of my friends would tell you.)

BET Awards '14 was televised last night. The memo for the evening was 'Wear white on the red carpet! Wear plaid on the stage!' I was convinced. Chris Rock was the host; he did a good job. There were lots and lots of performances but my main highlights were Usher, Chris Brown, Lionel Richie tribute (which was too short), and the 90s throwback segment featuring Troop (All I Do is Think of You), Color Me Badd (I Wanna Sex You Up), and Silk (Freak Me). I was in late elementary school years heaven! Yes, my 10-12 year old ass definitely knew the lyrics to each and every one of those baby-making songs. Don't ask why. Thanks. I think my night would've been made if Jodeci appeared on that stage. LAWD! But, alas, it never came to be.

Red carpet time. You ready?

Kerry Washington in Dolce & Gabbana
She looks very pretty in this lovely floral dress.
Not feeling the footwear. Mainly because, I'm not a fan of the white pumps/heels trend.
Lartasha Rose in Alice + Olivia
Great look (minus, of course, the white heels).
The vibrant abstract skirt belongs in my closet.
Nitpick: the crop top is a smidge too small. 
(l) Stephen Bishop (r) BJ Britt
The men were trying way too hard on the red carpet... it was nice to see these two men looking nice, handsome and normal.
Raven Goodwin in Yigal Azrouel
She looks good. Great dress. Smart choice in heels.
Just wished that her lipstick and clutch didn't match.
Lil' Mama
I really like the dress.
Too bad it matches with her hair...and her skin.
She just looks orange all over.
The Mirror Gang
(l) Keke Palmer in Alon Livne (r) Charli Baltimore
Out of the two, I would pick Keke as the winner...? I mean, is there really a winner in this?
But, for real. Keke's dress isn't all that bad. The sheer panels were totally unnecessary, though.
Charli is suffering from the same problem as Lil' Mama: wearing a dress that blends too much with her skin.
Gabrielle Union in Maria Lucia Hohan
Not one of her best looks.
Then again, it's been a while since she had a 'best look' on the red carpet.
The dress is bland, the hair is wonky, and the thigh high boots in June in LA is just a no.
Ashanti in Michael Costello
Once again, I'm always happy to see a celeb wearing a Michael Costello design.
But this dress is not working. At all.
Doesn't help that Ashanti is wearing a horrendous lace front wig.
It's like she's forever stuck in her heydey. Y'know, between 2000-2004.
Zendaya in Emanuel Ungaro
Oh, 'Daya.
This is such a huge misstep.
The fishtails, the snapback, the athletic blue shade.
Everything seems forced. And that's not usually the case with Zendaya on the red carpet.

*photos c/o Hollywood Life, IBTimes

Did you watch the show? Catch the pre-show? Check out the red carpet? Thoughts?