Blue Reflection

dc plus size style

Ever since it got into my closet, I've worn this Avenue dress so many times: Easter, Mother Day's, an evening out, etc. It's just an item that I truly enjoy wearing. The fit is flattering, the 3/4 sleeves are right up my alley, and the length hits a smidgen above my knees giving me the option to wear it anyway I please. (Oooh. That rhymed.) Another plus is the wrap detailing. Even though it's a faux wrap, the gathering across the front finishing with a side tie closure at the waist gives the right amount of coverage for my stomach area.

Dress: c/o Avenue
Heels: Avenue
Bag/Earrings: thrift
Sunglasses: ASOS
Watch: Charming Charlie

It seems that the dress is no longer in stock but here's a similar option - Geo Print Side Tie Dress.

If you look closely, you can see Elle in action.
Have a great ang safe weekend! I'm in a cheery mood because in a couple hours I'll be in NYC for the Governors Ball. Also, the Spurs did their thang last their hot ass AT&T Center. I mean, how can a multi-million dollar arena have a malfunctioning A/C? Those poor players...those poor fans! That would NOT be me up in that arena sweltering and dripping and fanning myself with whatever scraps of paper I could find and becoming faint. At one point it was mentioned the temperature got above 90 degrees in the arena. NINETY. Hell to the no. I would've dipped out. Easily. And also try to find a way to get back my $200+ . Cause you know NBA Finals tickets are very much expensive. Anywho, I may stan out for Melo but I am (and will always remain) a fan of the NBA. Remember guys, 'Any team but the Heat'. *smiles*