Governors Ball '14

As I stated in my previous post, my sis and I did a day trip to NYC this past Friday for the Governors Ball, a music festival which takes place at Randall's Island, NYC. We got there just in time to hear Janelle Monae performing on stage. We didn't actually get to see her perform BUT it was nice to groove to her music while walking towards the entrance gate.

There were life size games to be played like Connect Four, Jenga and Horseshoe.
I gotta say, I was very much impressed with the Governors Ball. The beautiful weather played a huge part, of course. There were a lot of activities for the attendees to keep themselves entertained. Also, great food trucks including one from Ben & Jerry's offering free ice cream (Not surprisingly, the line for that truck was insane to the membrane). There were a total of 5 stages housing various musicians. For the day we went, the lineup included TV on the Radio, Grimes, Phoenix, Damien Marley (my sister's favorite act of the day), La Roux, and many more. The headliner was OutKast.

Photo bombing in full effect.
In my favorite stage (actually a tent) Silent Disco.
Selected DJs get to play their sets...but there's a catch.
The music was played in these hi-tech headphones.
From the outside, it looked like a bunch of crazy folks with headphones dancing to pure silence.
But inside, it was a bunch of folks having the time of their lives dancing to some great music...
...c/o of those hi-tech headphones.

Considering I may not be heading to Made in America this Sept, I'm glad that at least I got one music festival in this year. 

Let's end this post with a fun .gif, shall we?