Roc Solid

I'm pretty sure I've never mentioned on this blog, nor on Instagram, my love for nail design. I love seeing great nail polish colors and the creative ways to design nails. This is kind of weird considering that I can get pretty lazy when it comes to my own nails. If there was ever a title for "Ms. 24/7 Chipped Nails", I would win the prize. Easily. But I'll be the first to ooh and aah when I see a great nail color or a great nail design. I actually follow about 2-3 accounts on Instagram that's all about nail color/design.

Fall is upon us which means it's time to switch out the Summer colors for some Fall ones. Sometimes, it's hard to figure out what would be a great Fall color equivalent for that favorite Summer nail polish. Julep had that in mind when it created their Falling Up!: The Autumn Style Shift chart.

Fall colors (top to bottom): Claudette, Brielle, Clara, Beverly, Misti, Roc Solid, Alaina

Look at all of the pretty Fall colors. 

Roc Solid immediately caught up eye because I have a similar Kam color in my nail polish box but I definitely do not have a darker green polish. Feeling inspired, I created a style look that would complement the Roc Solid color using items from the recently launched Altuzarra x Target collection. The collection has some great pieces especially the Black Sweater with Crane Embroidery, Maxi Dress Satin Floral, and Wrap Dress Ruby Hill. Surprisingly, a lot of items are still in stock (depending on which size, of course).

Edged Out
Altuzarra x Target pieces:
Trench Coat with Black Detail, Python Print Dress, Black Ankle Boot
Are any of Julep's transitioning Fall nail colors making you excited for Fall? 
Did you give your money to the Altuzarra x Target collection?