Vintage & Charmed

Another day, another great local vintage boutique. 

Ms. Fefe behind the desk.

Vintage & Charmed is a clothing boutique for the eclectic woman. And I can attest to their description because it's definitely eclectic. I went to their DC location, inside of the Anacostia Arts Center. I met the owner of the store Lynette McNeill-Voss, affectionately known as Ms. Fefe, who was really nice and jovial. I was definitely feeling a lot of the clothing in the store, especially, the outerwear. Oh my word, the outerwear! So good.

Ignore the belt under the boobs situation and marvel at the green leather jacket.

(located inside the Anacostia Arts Center)
1231 Good Hope Road SE
Washington, DC 20020
Tue-Sat 11am-7pm
Sun 10am-2pm