Fall TV

One of my favorite time of the year is finally upon us: Fall TV Season! A couple of new and old shows have already premiered last week or so but this week is truly the official week of premieres. Me so excited.

The last time I truly did a preview of upcoming shows was a couple years ago. Like 2011. Yikes. And it must have been a wack TV Fall season cause I only picked 3 shows and I only watched one and that one was cancelled (Pan-Am). 

A number of shows piqued my interest. And, fortunately, I have more than 3! 

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1. Gotham (FOX) - This is high on my list. And for a show based on a genre I do not care much for (superhero comics), that's pretty impressive. I'm mainly here for Ben McKenzie. I'd follow that fella anywhere. He of The O.C. and SouthLAnd (easily one of my favorite TV shows of all time) fame, plays Detective James Gordon in his earlier days. The show centers around his life in the Gotham City police force. Another cool factor about this show is the introduction of people that become either a uber revered superhero (Bruce Wayne aka Batman) or famous villains (Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, etc.) We're basically taking a deeper look into their lives before they become that someone, so to speak. Gotham premieres today, Sept. 22nd, at 8pm.

2. Black-ish (ABC) - Man, does that title suck. ABC and their weird ass titles. Cougar Town. Selfie. What? Stop. Anywho, produced by Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishbourne, the comedy is about a middle-class black family who, in what I'm guessing, tries to maintain their 'blackness'...? *shrugs* But in a funny way. I guess. Anderson plays the head of the household, Fishbourne is the grandfather, Tracee Ellis Ross is the wife, and they have 4 kids. It does boast a good cast hence why I'm interested in the first place. Black-ish premieres on Sept. 24th at 9:30pm.

3. The Affair (Showtime) - Honestly, if it wasn't for me binge-watching Masters of Sex a few weeks ago, I wouldn't have known this show was about to exist. But based on the premise and its stars, I'll definitely be here for it. Starring Dominic West (The Wire), Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek, Fringe) and Ruth Wilson (Luther...YAY!!!!!!), the show centers around West's and Wilson's characters as they embark in an extramarital affair. The drama premieres on Oct. 12th at 10pm. 

4. How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) - Such a long title. Mind you, anytime I see the title, I say it in Viola's voice: "How. To get away. With murder." A slight emphasis on 'murder', by the way. I'm still trying to wrap my head around what exactly this show is about. Executive produced by the reigning queen of TV, Ms. Shonda Rhimes, but created by one of her writers, the show follows a tenured law professor (Viola Davis) who, along with some of her students in her class, becomes involved in a murder plot. For some reason, I feel it's is going to be boring. I really can't explain why, either. With Viola starring and Shonda's name stamped on the show, you would think I'd be excited, right? Yeah...not really. But I'll still watch. Also, I see homie who plays the cop in love with a prisoner in Orange is the New Black is also part of the show. So, yeah, I'm gonna watch. HTGAWM premieres Sept. 25th at 10pm.

5. Marry Me (NBC) - This is mainly because of Casey Wilson, she of the underrated and cancelled way too damn soon Happy Endings. The comedy is loosely based on her real-life marriage with creator of the show.  It follows a couple that's finally engaged after six years of being together. The couple is basically the cliche opposite attracts shindig- the girl is slightly crazy, the guy is laid back. They go through their differences in high jinks fashion. Once again, only watching because of Casey. The show premieres on Oct. 14th at 9pm.

Five ain't bad. Especially considering that some of my favorite shows are returing this week including Parenthood (I am not ready for this show to end. I may just cry.), Scandal, Modern Family, Nashville, etc.