Ava & Viv

Quite a number of plus size bloggers and plus size women, in general, stopped effin' with Target. 

They were not happy with the way Target has been handling its plus size section these past couple of years. In stores, it's been difficult to pinpoint exactly where the plus size section is actually located. For example, in my local Target, the plus size section is situated in a small ass corner wedged between the maternity section and the shoes department. And when I do find the section, I'm not impressed with the offering. This was definitely not the case some 5 years ago. Another problem Target's plus size customers had with the store was not being included in their collaborations with brand name designers. The sizes from the collaborations stops at a 16. And the 12-16 sizes are usually cut very narrowly with no stretch given. After the last designer collaboration, folks had enough. They decided to boycott Target. 

Now, I love me some Target and I understood why people were frustrated. It's highly annoying for some of these stores to have a plus size section and one would never know because they don't advertise it or, in the case of Target, have healthy plus size section then decide out of the blue to start phasing it out with the promise of 'something new' in the future. And don't get me started with their decision to stop carrying Labworks. Labworks was a great capsule collection that extended to plus sizes.

Well, the 'something new' has finally arrived for Target and their plus size customers. First, their next designer collaboration with Lily Pulitzer will offer plus size clothing items. It comes with catch - in stores will have up to sizes 18 while sizes 20 and above will be sold online. Now a newly revamped plus size collection called Ava & Viv will make its debut in stores mid February and online Feb 22. It will come in sizes 1X-4X. To celebrate its launch, Target recruited Chastity, Gabi, and Nicolette to be a part of the look book. Looking at the whole collection via Refinery 29, I gotta say these girls did a great job selecting the right pieces to style. Because, as a whole, this collection did not blow me away. In fact, whole time I was thinking that a lot of these pieces would be great workout clothes. And I don't think that's what Target was aiming for when they created Ava & Viv. Majority of the pieces are very, very casual save for some trendier items like palazzo pants, a jumpsuit, and a military inspired jacket. Then Ava & Viv decided they want to bring flutter tops back. Yeah. All of the tops were either short sleeved, cap sleeved, or sleeveless. No 3/4 or long sleeved options with the exception of a denim jacket, cardigans, and a blazer. Cute jeans even though I don't understand why whiskers have to be on them.

I knew Target wasn't going to break out with clothing items that we often find in ASOS Curve or Simply Be or, shit, even Forever 21. I mean, Target can't even provide us with similar options they provide their Ladies and Junior sections. I'm pretty sure folks would have been a-okay if Target went that route, too. With all that being said, I did find some cute items in the collection. See below:

Ankle Pant in White/Black

Tulip Skirt in Black/White

Blazer in Black/White

Denim Dress

One Piece Swimsuit in Black/White Floral

One Piece Swimsuit in Fuchsia

Have you gotten the chance to check out the collection?