Just Touched Down in London Town

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Hungerford Bridge
I been gone for a minute now I'm back...(if you said "with the jump off" then you're cool in my book.) 

Hey everyone! I took a bit of a vacation. Still trying to knock out this jet lag, tho. Anywho, the main destination was to South Africa (more on that throughout this week) but my sister and I made a pit stop (aka mandatory layover) in London.

The last time I was in London was in '07/'08. I was there for a week. Great trip but it was such a long time ago. So I was pretty excited for us to leave the airport to hitch a ride on the London Eye, catch up with our friend over good Mexican food and drinks, and, finally, seeing our grown-ass cousins. 

Enjoy the photos!

As daunting as it looks up close, The London Eye is really an easygoing ride.
Officially named the Coco-Cola London Eye, each capsule can hold up to 25 people. It has a 360 view and the ride is roughly 30 minutes long.

Big Ben

We got to see our pal, Zara. First time we met was in Costa Rica back in '09. 
Last time we met? Costa Rica.
Yep, this reunion had to happen.
Nice food, hilarious conversations. This place is called Wahaca. We went to the Waterloo location.

The main highlight of this London layover was seeing our cousins.
It's been way too long.

Save for the Grammys '15 recap that'll probably be up later on tonight or very early tomorrow morning, the rest of this week will be about my trip to South Africa. Be on the look out!