Golden Globes '15


The year hasn't officially started until the Golden Globes appears on our TV sets (and PCs, phones, tablets...y'know, if you're the streaming type). Also, the Golden Globes jump-starts the awards season. I, for one, am totally excited! I love this type of season. Two months of steady award shows and I'm ready. Absolutely ready.

Shall we begin?

Tina and Amy hosted the show for the third (and final!, according to Amy) time. Per usual, they did a great job. In fact, I may say their jokes had more of a kick then in previous years. Like, they weren't holding back. So, in that case, I guess this is truly their last year hosting together. Bummer. Right from the beginning line, "Good Evening and welcome you bunch of despicable, spoiled, minimally talented brats", you knew they were coming with the fire. From the Emma Stone Big Eyes (which, I mean, she does have big eyes) to the JK Simmons meaning 'Just Keep' Simmons based on what Matthew McConaughy would call him to calling out Joaquin Phoenix for being at an awards show despite in the past claiming that awards show were 'total and utter bullshit' and to their Who Would You'd Rather? game (Chris Pine, all day. Duh.) it was a steady stream of jokes that were hitting in all of the right places. They ended their 10 minute monologue with, who else, Bill Cosby. And it was so good primarily because the crowd's reaction was hilarious. Just a mixture of laughter and gasping.

Golden Globes love to anoint new shows with trophies and they did so tonight with Gina Rodriguez winning Best Actress in a Comedy for Jane the Virgin, which means it's now time for me to watch. But they also, inexplicably, dashed awards to The Affair. The show won Best Drama and Ruth Wilson won Best Actress in a Drama. Say whaaa, now? Whatever. Congratulations to John Legend and Common winning Best Song in a Movie and Kevin Spacey winning Best Actor in a Drama.

Okay. Ready for some fashion? Let's begin.

Viola Davis in Donna Karan Atelier
She looks striking. The color is doing wonders for her skin. The hairdo is stylish and fits her to a T.
My best dressed of the night.

Reese Witherspoon in Calvin Klein
Talk about a dress made for someone! This dress is perfectly tailor-made for Reese's body.
And even though I'm tired of seeing the side swept  hair, it completes the look.

Taylor Schilling in Ralph Lauren
The best I've seen from Taylor. Great front, fantastic back.

Kate Hudson in Versace
I mentioned on Twitter that Kate does nothing for me.
But I can acknowledge when she brings on the red carpet.
And she brought it tonight.

Lorde in Narcisco Rodriguez
Lorde in black. What's new?
But I'm lovin' the modern take on a 3 piece suit.

Jessica Chastain in Atelier Versace
Jessica in a Grecian-like dress. What's new?
But she looks gorgeous in the dress. However, this look calls for a bit more jewelry.

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger in Emilia Wickstead
Best dressed couple of the night.

(l) Dakota Johnson in Chanel (r) Julianne Moore in Givenchy
I'm a sucker for gunmetal fabric/material. So I immediately gravitated towards these two looks.
I'll give Julianne the win because of the ombre feathers detailing on the skirt.
Dakota's skirt appears shredded which comes off looking not done. Also, her hair needed some oomph. Also, SO TIRED of the barely-there sandals.

Jennifer Lopez aka J. Lo in Zuhair Murad
I'm also a sucker for cape dress.
Just not this one.
The cape is too voluminous. And, really, J. Lo's done this whole deep v, slit-up-to-there look multiple of times.
An of course look.

Kerry Washington in Mary Katrantzou
Kerry likes to be different on the red carpet. Understandable. She wants to stand out in the crowd.
This is a bad way to stand out in the crowd.

Amal Clooney in Dior
Amal was clearly going for that old school Hollywood glamour.
But she didn't hit the mark.
Her dress and her home-made gloves (that she sewed herself) looked too big for her slender figure.

Keira Knightly in Chanel
Keira wasn't the only one giving us some prairie style that night (see Peet, Amanda and Wigg, Kristin).
But hers had more to talk about.
What with the butterfly print and butterfly clutch.
Geez. Was this an ode to Mariah Carey or something?

Ruth Wilson in Prada
1970s bed spread couture.

Lupita Nyong'o in Giambattista Valli Couture
Lupita was like, look, I did my work last year. I've already paid my dues.
I actually like the dress. Yes, the top comes off too kitschy but as a whole, it's not bad.
You know what is bad? The style of the hair.
It brought down the whole look. 
Melissa McCarthy in ....
When asked what she's wearing she said that the blouse was from her closet so, along with her stylist, they decided to sew the blouse to the tiered mess of a skirt. Finish it off with a sparkly tie and non-matching red shoes and we have...this.
This is such a let-down from her People's Choice Awards look from last week. See here.

photos c/o National Post, Mirror Online, Just Jared