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dc plus size style

Was feelin' quite blue recently.

And not only with this outfit, either. I was having one of those, "Fuck. Nothing fits me at this moment why is there nothing in my closet ugh I don't even have that to wear yuck I don't feel like going out anymore but Elle is on her way dammit guess I'll just suck it up but really I have nothing to wear and I feel like shit right now wow I really feel like shit right now." Yeah, one of those. I would like to say that feeling went away once Elle came through and we went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurant around my 'hood, Grace's, soon as I got home those feelings came rushing back. I know I kinda slacked last year on my quote-on-quote 'healthy journey'. And it has come to bite me in the ass with a vengeance. But also, I've slacked in the meditating department, as well. So when I came across this 30 day challenge via Alison's FB page, to say it came right on time would be an understatement. 

via Into Mind

So far, I've done good with this challenge. Granted, it's only day 6. Let's see how I fare come day 16 or 22. I mean, this is Queen Procrastinator, right here. Nothing to be proud of, duh, but it does have to be acknowledged. Anywho, I'm hoping that when I complete this challenge I can make it monthly. It seems like one that just can't end on Jan 31st, y'know?

Top: Target
Jeans: Old Navy
Bag: Simply Be
Heels: Simply Be
Necklace: Hanuel
Watch: Michael Kors

I will say another bright spot on that day was the Spring-like weather. Of course, once it hit night time the winds picked up and the temperature plummeted. Right now, the DC area is experiencing its first snow storm of the season. It's really pretty outside, though.

Happy New Year.