Inspiration 11 - Boohoo Throwback Thursday Project

dc plus size style

A few weeks ago, contacted me to participate in their Throwback Thursday project. The challenge: to choose a style icon of my choice and recreate his or her throwback look. Without hesitation, I knew immediately my choice.

It bugs me when I see a celebrity that has access to plenty of cash and plenty of stylists and yet can't dress to save their lives. I mean, while the effort is always there, the ending result stays being a fail.

Clearly, that's not the case with my #1 style icon - Gwen Renee Stefani.

It's really hard to narrow down my favorite Gwen look. Yes, I can be inspired by something she has worn on the red carpet but that wouldn't necessarily mean it's my favorite look from her hands down, y'know? Instead, I thought of what Gwen loves to wear and went from there.

The No Doubt lead singer is a huge fan a good loud print. And her favorite print of all? Leopard.

halter midi and bottom set...PANT SUIT!!!...oversized sweater

She's also all about looking relaxed. I mean, this is the queen of effortless style. Her tops are usually loose, comfortable, and once in a while, shows off a couple of her best assets - her arms and shoulders. Finally, you hardly ever see her without a pair of dark sunshades, stylish footwear, or her signature red lip.

So I added up all of the elements and came up with this look...

Top: c/o boohoo
Midi Skirt: c/o boohoo
Sunglasses: vintage (my Mom's back in the '80s!)
Heels: Torrid
Bag: Forever21
Watch Bracelet: Guess

Now, for those of you that have been reading this blog since its inception, you'll remember my hatred for showing my arms. And while I'm gradually learning to not give a fuck, it's still a bit of a struggle. Cold shoulder style, to the rescue. The arms are covered while the shoulders come out play. Thankfully, it wasn't hard to find a cold shoulder top and a leopard bottom from Extending their sizes to include 12-20 (16-24 UK), Plus offers up a nice selection in so many styles. From trendy to casual, sporty to chic. It's all there.

The sheer cold shoulder top and leopard midi skirt are both a size US 20/UK 24. I really like the fit of the skirt; a true bodycon that doesn't lose its shape after multiple wears.